Managing your JBOD on LSI

##Firmware update on LSI 9207

./sas2flash -listall
./sas2flash -b 9207-8e.rom -c 0
./sas2flash -f 9207-8e.bin -c 0
./sas2flash -listall

##Check number of disks

lsscsi | grep dev| wc -l

##Getting partition UUIDS

IFS=$'\n'; for i in ` ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ | grep -v total | awk '{print $9, $11}' | sed 's|../../||' `; do P=`echo ${i} | awk '{print $2}'`; echo -n "${i} "; fdisk -s /dev/${P}; done | sort -k3n,3 -k2

##Getting all HDD serial numbers

sas2ircu 0 DISPLAY|grep "Serial No" > /tmp/file ; sas2ircu 1 DISPLAY|grep "Serial No" >> /tmp/file; cat /tmp/file |grep -v x

##Reattach disk by SCSI id

echo 'scsi remove-single-device X X X X' > /proc/scsi/scsi && echo 'scsi add-single-device X X X X' > /proc/scsi/scsi

Flashing LED for onsite support

wget; chmod a+x encled; ./encled

Go deeper

apt-get install sg3-utils

Firstly, looking for the enclosures

sg_map -i |grep LSI
/dev/sg26  LSILOGIC  SASX36 A.1        7017
/dev/sg51  LSI CORP  SAS2X36           0717
/dev/sg73  LSI CORP  SAS2X36           0717

Then looking for the information pages

sg_ses -p 0 /dev/sg73
LSI CORP  SAS2X36           0717
Supported diagnostic pages:
Supported Diagnostic Pages [sdp] [0x0]
Configuration (SES) [cf] [0x1]
Enclosure Status/Control (SES) [ec,es] [0x2]
Element Descriptor (SES) [ed] [0x7]
Additional Element Status (SES-2) [aes] [0xa]
Download Microcode (SES-2) [dm] [0xe]

We are interesting in Status and Control page (SES)

Enclosure Status/Control (SES) [ec,es] [0x2]

Mapping slot to SAS address

sg_ses -p 0xa /dev/sg73 |grep -E 'slot|  SAS address' |sed 'N;s/\n//' | awk '{print $3, " ", $NF}'